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The Operations function in an organization takes inputs, such as labor and materials, and transforms them into products and services for a company to sell. The more cost effective and streamlined this transformation process, the greater the company’s profitability.  Operations Management (OM) is the systematic design, direction and control of these transformation processes. A person skilled in OM can be a major contributor to an organization’s bottom line. Professionals who complete USI’s Operations Management certificate will be equipped with these skills. Participants will learn to think differently about adding value, reducing or eliminating waste and working toward continuous process improvement.

The certificate program consists of seven learning modules, totaling 20 hours of training. These modules include:

  1. Process Improvement and “Zero Defects” Quality (3 hours)
  2. Managing Current Process Constraints and Balancing a Production Line’s Resources for Maximum Output (3 hours)
  3. Planning Future Capacity Needed to Increase Process Output (3 hours)
  4. Forecasting Required Output (2 hours)
  5. Managing and Controlling Inventories (3 hours)
  6. Lean Manufacturing Systems (3 hours)
  7. Managing an Organization’s Supply Chains (3 hours)

In addition to classroom materials, participants will be provided with an e-book covering the modules as well as other OM topics not presented in this program. As part of the program, Excel-based materials will be developed during training. Exercises and demonstrations will enhance the learning experience and provide immediate feedback on the knowledge gained. Participants might find having a laptop useful for in class exercises, but it is not required for participation.

Individual modules can be offered to assist an organization in specific areas of need. Modules can also be customized and built around an organization’s products or services. Contact Paula Nurrenbern, manager, customized solutions at 812-461-5425 or to bring this program to your location.

Your competitors are currently at work, streamlining their processes to be more cost effective and gain a competitive advantage. USI’s Operations Management certificate program offers organizations a focused and proven way to add value, eliminate waste and continuously improve processes for their own competitive advantage.

Whether it is shortening a training to fit in one day, increasing the curriculum to cover several classes,
or changing the location of the training from here at USI to your location,
we have the training you are looking for to grow your business.

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